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TESC Players Zone


At Home SOCCER Work Sheet to practice at home - CLICK HERE

Players will record their scores after each activity with the help from a parent, sibling, or on their own.  

Each activity is timed for 20 seconds and the score is recorded.

Warm Up video below to work on agility and coordination - start with 1-2 activities in the beginning.   

Toe Taps and Tick Tocks – One point for each touch of the ball on their foot.  

Dribbling - One point for reaching each end.

Juggling is HIGH SCORE


U11-HS PLAYERS - click here for handout

TESC FIFA-11 (KNVB) Warm UP Video

TESC Agility and Coordination VIDEO Examples

TESC Ball Mastery VIDEO Examples

Extra Soccer Drills at HOME


ADDITIONAL ideas for more soccer!

Individual Control/Ball Mastery

1. http://www.soccer-training-info.com/master_technique_1v1_feints.asp

-Cuts can be done individually or with a partner pressuring lightly

-Outside/inside of foot




2. http://www.soccer-training-info.com/master_technique_ball_mastery.asp

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwIHc9rz7yo

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N-sb8dmKoA (he names these differently) 


1. http://www.soccer-training-info.com/master_technique_first_touch_finishing.asp

2. https://youtu.be/tcoRi1OxFmo?t=9


https://youtu.be/o1_kNaqaTbs?t=542 (this should take you to minute 9:02)

Watching Games Online:

You can go to Youtube and google most games but here is a link to get started:


Fitness Activities - For all ages